Acoustic pulse reflectometry - APR

The APR is an innovative internal inspection system for the pipes of the heat exchangers and aircoolers.

Through special equipment (SONIC V), ISPECO is able to quickly inspect an entire tube bundle, thanks to the portability of the instrument and the speed of data collection.

The APR is able to detect:

  • blocks, restrictions and any holes;
  • thickness decrease (corrosion and erosion).

Why perform an APR check?

  • extremely rapid non-invasive inspection / less than 10 seconds per pipe
  • complete control coverage of tube bundles in U shape, spiral tubes etc.
  • it is not influenced by the type of tube material (ferromagnetic, non-ferromagnetic, plastic, etc.)
Inspectable pipes diameters and length:
  • diameters from 6 mm (0.23 in) to 52 mm (2.05 in);
  • up to 20 meters (they vary according to the presence of defects or the pipe configuration).
How does it work?
  1. specially generated acoustic impulses are propagated through the air enclosed within a tube
  2. echoes generated by defects are recorded using state-of-the-art microphones
  3. algorithms identify position, type and size of defects.

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