Ferrite measurement - FE

Determination of the percentage of ferrite

By using a portable ferritoscope it is possible to determine the ferrite content on base materials and welds of austenitic, duplex and superduplex steels, without changing or affecting their structure.

Chemical public utility plants (gas, electricity, water) and other processing plants are often exposed to high temperatures, aggressive agents and high pressures. These circumstances require the use of steel resistant to corrosion, acids and mechanical stress even at high temperatures. If the ferrite content is too low, as temperature increases, the welds are subject to cracks, while if the ferrite content is too high, the welds lose strength and ductility.

In duplex steels, a shortage of ferrite in the welding area predisposes steel to crack formation.

ISPECO uses only German equipment by Helmut Fischer Gmbh.

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